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Teeth-in-a-Day Costs

Senior woman pointing to teeth If you’re missing an entire arch of teeth, you have already experienced enough pain and discomfort. The last thing we want is to add to that. However, regardless of your treatment option, you can expect replacing a full row of teeth will come with high price tag. At Dent-Plant Dental Implant Center, we work hard to make secure, long lasting implant supported dentures affordable for our patients. Your savings start from your very first appointment. We offer complimentary tooth replacement consultations where we help you find the right dental restoration option. Teeth-in-a-Day restorations are some of our most popular solutions. Not only can they help you save money over the course of your treatment, but this option also means you’ll have a functional denture immediately. Ready to get started? Call Dent-Plant Dental Implant Center to schedule your complimentary consultation with us in our Tysons dentistry practice.

The Cost of Dental Implants

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The majority of your Teeth-in-a-Day price tag will be the cost of your implant posts and their placement. Depending on the type of implant, material used, and the positioning of the implant posts, a single implant placement can cost between $1500 and $4000. Luckily, the price of each additional implant is typically a little lower, and as long the implants are all placed on the same day, your surgical costs are relatively static whether you receive one implant or several. Teeth-in-a-Day cases typically require between four and six dental implants.

The Cost of Your Denture

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In addition to the price of your implant posts, Teeth-in-a-Day patients will need to pay for a temporary set of dentures and their permanent dental prosthetic. The temporaries are made from a lighter material that is not intended for long term use, but it will allow patients to share a beautiful smile and eat a full range of meals until their final, long lasting restoration is ready. The pricing of each set of dentures varies dramatically, but for many patients, your dental insurance can be used to offset the costs of these restorations.

The Cost of Other Procedures

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Before we begin your Teeth-in-a-Day plan, you may need to have one or more teeth extracted. We will try to maintain any healthy tooth structure, but when it’s better for your overall oral health, we will recommend removal. In many cases, we can perform these extractions on the same day your implants are placed to save you time and money. Patients who have suffered from diminished gum tissue volume or jawbone density may also need tissue grafts to ensure their implants posts can be successfully placed. These procedures will typically add to the length of your treatment time, but they may be necessary to make sure your implant will fuse with the supportive structures and remain in place for a lifetime.

Dental Insurance & Dental Implants

Dental insurance providers are notoriously slow to change their coverage. In fact, most policies have had the same annual coverage maximums (between $1000 and $1500) since the 1960s. It’s no surprise that most dental insurance plans will not offer coverage for dental implants. However, many of the other steps in your implant supported tooth replacement plan will be covered. For instance, many providers cover the cost of sedation dentistry services, tooth extractions, and replacement teeth. We will maximize your insurance coverage whenever possible.

Affordable Financing Options

In addition to making the most of your dental insurance whenever possible, we are happy to work with CareCredit financing. This third party financier specializes in dental and medical financing, and they offer low and no interest payment plans for qualified patients. You can apply for preapproval online, or our team will be happy to help you during your consultation.

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